Looking back, a glass of wine, a pot of teareenex facial , drank a long time, drunk somewhat cold smoke, sad, heartbreak, enchanted, Road, how many past misty rain. Singing, a thousand years old songs, will be self-touched, carrying a feeling of the past, walking in the road, obsessed with the share of sadness, any precarious, thunder lightning, or live in their own world. Recall, sadness, and slowly will mind flooding, drunk a fleeting memories.

Dressed in a light Qingyun, volume to the sky Youlan. Drunk one, a dream, only the sorrow buried. Millennium waiting for a return, waiting for the outcome of the spring, but those of the past, such as wine, has long been engraved in the bottom of my heart, no matter who or light or heavy stirring lake ripples, any wind and rain invasion of good memories, but how also Can not shake a trace of a year with the fleeting sealed well-being of sadness and happiness. Love is perishable, hazy years, the wind of the motto, who will achieve; sway in the rain, who will stability?

All the past misty rain, the rise of the sky, tears, rain or rain washed the heart of Pinghu, the concept of immortal Tang Feng Song, who clearly my heart? Years of the ring, keep turning, a downpour, the good feelings of dying to be dying. Tears, wet heart of duckweed, bloom and thanked, I thought, those open flowers in my heart, since then, will not be charming in full bloom.

Who will listen to the past to talk to me; who will be the dream of advertising to achieve; who will blow the sky haze to blow? No one, only me a person will be mistaken past to the breakdown; only I will be a dream to recall the story; only I smoke and mirrors, the scenery see through. The clouds in the wind reenex hk, where to go; the wind of the fog, how to disperse; wind of rain, how to stop? Asked the sky, the vast sky is able to give me the answer; the vast earth can accommodate my mind?

Misty rain, heaven and earth, surrounded by the vast, heart, the wind go; tears, with the rain drift it; mind, with the smoke scattered it. Self-serving, but consider, the most memorable. North wind whistling, snow-capped, until the winter comes, that a field of a snow, my mind buried. Thousands of miles of snow and ice, look endless; vast land, take endless. I was silent in the ice and snow, in the wind and frost in the snow sink; in the sky sank in the snow.

Rush, to see the world romantic, to see the dream outside the joys and sorrows, to see life and death in the years farewell, to see the storm coming and going. Years, is the hearts of a prickly flowers, hand picking, will be thorn bleeding. The body and mind thrown into the years, the white skin will be stuck bloody, intact heart will be stabbed blood dripping.

The results can not see the outcome of how the outcome; pretending to be calm and calm, dead to see the flutter of the blurred, the results can not escape the same how the earthly; tears, to win someone else's death Of sympathy, the results can not be out of how others understand the vision.

There are too many wind and rain, must be personal experience; there are too many miseries, must personally taste; there are too many, must be solved in person. There are too many hatred, if you want to end, must be broad-minded; there are too many thoughts, if you want to forget, there must be capacity is not too big.

Youth, is a painful journey. Through thousands of miles, across the Cape End of the World, over the mountains, the most drastic. To experience the summer of heavy rain, thunder and lightning; to experience the sentimental autumn, leaves yellow; to go through the winter wind whistling, freezing cold. Everyone's youth, more or less have to go through this kind of suffering, do not experience wind and rain, how can we see the rainbow?

Youth, is a sad experience. Love life, life sway. Qifeng bitter rain, tears whirling. See the wind, the wind is swept away his youth murderer; see the rain, the rain is wet his own life sinners; see snow, snow is buried their own happy accomplice. Because grow up, so sad; because ignorant, so puzzled; because young, so fear. Because of sadness, so painful; because puzzled, so confused; because fear, so injured.

Youth is a journey of love. Love yourself, love the four seasons, love others, love parents, love a friend, love all the good things. Love is the eternal theme song of youth. Love for love, love for love, love for love, love for love, for love, love for fear, love for love, love for love, love for love, love for compassion, love for sacrifice. Because love, life is full of color; because love, my heart flowers bloom; because love, life full of fragrance.

Youth, is a sentimental experience. Autumn wind blooming, autumn love; snow, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love; Mianmao, Han Mei fragrance, stirring.

Youth, is a happy journey. People in the youth in the unrestrained, the heart singing in the youth; people in the spring rain in the walk, the heart in the wilderness in full bloom; people in the rainy season in full bloom; people in the rainy season in full bloom; People walking in the autumn, the heart intoxicated in the flowers; people in the winter snow overlooking the heart in the snow in the strong.

This is a rare truth, hard to die; this a rare state of mind, rooted in the hearts of this a good understanding, flying heart. Long road of life, the moon has wanes, people have joys and sorrows. In this world, there are too many suffering, too much frustration, too much puzzled, too many sad, too many preferences, too many perfect and imperfect. And we, to understand the adversity in the reversal of heaven and earth; in the sadness to know how to give up; imperfect in the pursuit of perfection, in the rain and snow to do a blooming fragrant Samuume.

How many past misty rain, a know in the heart Polar M600. No matter what kind of love and hate youth, can not forget to learn to self-reliance, to stimulate the feelings of adversity in their own fall in the fall of the self- Stand up before the line; no matter how painful life experience, can not forget the colorful life, is the integrity of life. A misty rain past to the youth of the outlet, the perception of blossoming youth is the most exciting time of life.